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This week have not seen many posts from me, mostly because I must say my days have been more of the same activities as the past.  My graphic design employment seems to be going well.   I fit in fairly well … Continue reading

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You can’t change your life in one day…but you can change your direction.

The last several months, after taking my leap, have felt like I took a big dive off of Mt. Everest.   At first it felt liberating, falling through the crisp mountain air.  After all, I had a long way to go … Continue reading

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A little bit of Sunshine!

Finally. Finally!!! This week has been one that had been getting me down.  Pressure to land full-time employment, along with my education in finance, was pulling me everywhere at once. And then yesterday, it hit.  I had not one, but … Continue reading

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Variations on a theme.

It is a very strange world, indeed.  I am once again being moved continuously in a different direction that I would have expected a few months ago.  I keep having to come to terms and have to face the music, … Continue reading

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As I am still struggling to make San Jose my permanent home, my life has been full of uncertainty.  This is not to say it is tragic (yet), but when one takes a huge leap of faith, it’s like a … Continue reading

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Affirmations and Enlightenments.

Life sometimes many is about dealing with uncertainties and fear.   Art, being a part of life also can emanate and magnify such fears.   Artists, even in the best of times, can be a jittery bunch, and we all deal with … Continue reading

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Tinkering with things well enough left alone.

The last several years, I have had the fortune of being able to travel many places in North America.  Along the way, I’ve taken thousands upon thousands of photographs.  The digital age of photography has allowed me this luxury.  Primarily, … Continue reading

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