What has been going on.

Wow, it has been a crazy 3 months.  I started my “bread and butter” job at Google in Mountain View as an Audio Visual Technician.  It has been wild.  The learning curve has been incredibly steep for me, as I had no prior background in such a profession.   But I did have a couple really good things going for me.

First of all, I took it seriously.   So seriously that I pretty much ignored most other activities during the last 3 months, and only gave myself a day off on the weekends.  I studied and asked questions like crazy.  I drilled myself at every opportunity on definitions and schematics to get better (this includes at work, home, the car, before bed, waking up, everywhere).  For the first month, I think my mind pretty much couldn’t take it.  A huge campus (40+ buildings) and brand new terminology and profession.  I stayed at work or thought about work 12+ hours a day.   I know, this sounds familiar to those of you who have read my blog before.  But everything was (and still is) riding on my success here.  I have a lot to prove to myself and others, and this is an incredibly good opportunity to bring a new stage in my dreams to achieve success in my life.

Secondly, I had sympathetic colleagues and teachers.  They were (and  are) extremely patient while I followed them around like a puppy for the first month, and the encouraged and embraced my slowly growing confidence in month two.  The third month I now am fairly competant in what I can do,  all thanks to them.  Without their help and trust in me, I would have been nudged out the door weeone or two.

This isn’t to say I am as good as my colleagues yet.   Far from it.  They all have 5-10 years experience in the field, and they work at Google.  They are the top tier of what they do.  But I do think that learning from them has helped me become much better quicker than I ever could be most other places.   I have become conversational in the profession, and can troubleshoot successfully an increasing amount of the problems I was hired for.  And I do whatever is asked of me, and cheerfully.  And man, I try to pay attention to what they show me.   I have gotten to the point now where I have internalized and memorized the key points of the profession.  I want them to be proud and glad that they gave me a chance.  And yes, I am thankful for me and my wife.  But also – I want them to be more willing to take a chance on others who have a great attitude but short on experience.  There are many people out there who can succeed – if they are given the chance.

Working at Google has has some interesting effects on me.  The environment is strange to me, but in an enthralling way.   I work with (or beside) very intelligent people, who enjoy life and view it in a very positive way.   They are clever and humorous and are concerned with making things better, in both the world and their own personal growth.   This is something I truly believe in myself.   Although being where I have been before, I have had to fight just to stop entropy from consuming me.  Now I have an opportunity  with being around such people to become a part of this group and emulate to behavior I admire so much.

I am learning (just by proxy) to put my money where my mouth is.  These first three months have been just trying to stay afloat in the post-collegiate society that has been created here.  I think I have overall accomplished that first (and probably most personally titanic) of feats.  I am working and growing in a technical field where before I had no experience in such a field.   Now that I have the basis down fairly well, I need to go from so-so (in my opinion) to good.  Then from good to very good, and then great.

I sometimes try to imagine if my skills will every be used in a creative way (which would be terrific, for sure).  But I am under no illusion as to what is the most probable path.  I am also a contract worker, so I have no guarantee I will be renewed to work at the end of the year in this most interesting of places.  The opportunityand gift though has been such to that have seen what is offered to employees.   I would like to join these people, and as such continue my personal growth away from the negativity that permeated my surroundings back east.

The personal growth I can participate in extends not just to my intellectual growth, but to my physical growth as well.  These last few months I have (by I feel necessity) neglected my physical fitness.  Actually the last few years (because of 12-14 hour work days, moving, etc) I have been spotty or non-existent on my exercise and nutrition regimen.  Google really promotes good health and nutrition.  The food is healthy, they have gyms all over the place. And more importantly, people are very fit there.   Just looking at these people makes one want to become fit.

So I am going to start on a regimen, as long as I don’t work a lot of overtime.  I also have something good going for me…..I know how to exercise.  I’ve done it since I was in grade school. (It’s just sticking with it during crazy work cycles that makes it hard!).  But now I am ready to try again, and slowly build into it over the next month or two.  I think it would be fun (eventually) to try a mud-run or Spartan Race.

As for my artistic endeavors…..I have slowed down, but not completely stopped.  I have done some work for some places, but they are product designs that I can’t show, at least until the products are sold.  But that  also looks promising.  Tyrlion Design is still alive and breathing.  Still, I plan to invest some more time in creative endeavors as time permits.

That is my final point of this entry.  During the last few weeks, I have realized that I now need to stop obsessing so much on my past, and start working on the future even more.  I need to stop thinking about “how things are done back east”  and concentrate on embracing the possibilities of my new life.  This is what I came here to do.  To embrace what is good and bright, and live life as it could and should be in the land of the Sun.


About Rhett Kennedy

An east coast transplant living in San Jose CA, and loving it. I am a master of useless trivia (medieval and ancient culture, a smattering of politics, ukulele and fan of most forms of music). I know life insurance, audio visual technology, commerical and fine art nd love to sing scottish ballads. I'm happily strange and enjoy strange people as a result.
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2 Responses to What has been going on.

  1. YYNE says:

    omg you are working for google this is so cool!! its everyone’s dream job! I read the book “Are you smart enough to work fro mGoogle” it is stated that it is only one out of 180 applicants who would get the offer? you are certainly the chosen one who has something more to offer. Dont worry you will do very well there, i can tell from your post that you do care much about your work and contribution to the company. wish all the best in your work! Do share about your experience there if possible.. i am at the stage understanding about my passion and also looking for job. would really really like to hear more from you!

    • Thanks! I really feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to work there. What I am doing wasn’t in my field of expertise, but it’s such a great place to work that it’s been terrific. Also I am learning a lot of new skills I never had, nor thought I could learn. They challenge you, in a very positive way. Being with such intelligent (and very kind) people has helped with keeping me positive and ready for new phases in my life. vAt the very least, being at Google shows me how things can be, a glimpse of something good that I can carry with me through my life.

      Take care, and I hope you keep moving forward in your life.


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