To fear
To clutch one’s cold heart
To flee from dreams created
Destiny derailed,
In a mental jail
Responsibility therefore abated

To face oneself
To embrace or be averted
Make a stand,
Determine to land
Or see one’s nature perverted

Stop waiting for a perfect shard
Of intrinsic glory
When acts of failure
Fashioned and tailored
Are the greatest part of the story

Do not ponder overmuch,
Do not wait any more
Plunge on into your icy beating heart
Allow it its part
And see what is in store

You’ll see its not so bad
And certainly less sad
Than waiting for the false monsters to take you.
For time races with fate
And fate is part of glory

Fear is but enticement
To whistle along with the rest of your story


About Rhett Kennedy

An east coast transplant living in San Jose CA, and loving it. I am a master of useless trivia (medieval and ancient culture, a smattering of politics, ukulele and fan of most forms of music). I know life insurance, audio visual technology, commerical and fine art nd love to sing scottish ballads. I'm happily strange and enjoy strange people as a result.
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