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An east coast transplant living in San Jose CA, and loving it. I am a master of useless trivia (medieval and ancient culture, a smattering of politics, ukulele and fan of most forms of music). I know life insurance, audio visual technology, commerical and fine art nd love to sing scottish ballads. I'm happily strange and enjoy strange people as a result.

Stand Tall [Poem]

Live this life, Make it stand tall Live this dream, Never think small Pursue this path, To whatever end Be ensnared in Love, In the time you spend. Do not tarry, Do not wait, Step through your fears and past … Continue reading

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Bright Desire [Poem]

Catch Fire, Bright Desire. Little Flame, Never the Same. Sun Flower, Light Power. Self Light, Mind’s Flight. Catch the Sun, Born to Run. Chase the Dream, Catch a Moon Beam. Stop. Listen. Feel. Your Heart Beat. Be Complete.

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Soul Wanderings [Poem]

Where does one go Between the ebb and flow Betwixt wasted days and sleepless nights? Where does the soul wander When one stops to ponder When a spirit takes its lonely flight? All of these dreams Threads between seams A … Continue reading

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Pieces of Life [Poem]

Pieces of life Corners of strife Family and friends I may never see again Wistful sounds of children playing Promises failed and empty sayings Regrets of the past A tunnel of sad years Finding smiles that bridged the fears Laughing … Continue reading

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To fear To clutch one’s cold heart To flee from dreams created Destiny derailed, In a mental jail Responsibility therefore abated To face oneself To embrace or be averted Make a stand, Determine to land Or see one’s nature perverted … Continue reading

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Of bad poetry and happy writing

I have a little hobby I sometimes indulge in, which is bad poetry.  You see, I love words, how they jumble and tumble, how letters and phrases look. There is an art to them, and I find it personally interesting … Continue reading

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I decided to go out today for a walk at my local park to combat my pot pelly, who’s girth has reached such circumference as to have the gravitational pull of Jupiter.   As I was consoling and giving myself a … Continue reading

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