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Some newer artwork


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A series of interviews.

I suppose now that I should bring up that I have had a series of interviews with a company whom I find, very, very  interesting.   It practically screams me from what I have done in my previous employment (large … Continue reading

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I went to a company holiday party a few nights ago, at the insurance company I am getting training in.  The people there were, as always, a happy and vibrant bunch, and because most are part timers (or were part … Continue reading

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I think my internal censor just broke.

This morning, whilst looking for employment, I found an interesting job posting.  I was excited about it enough that I actually called up the company in order to convey my enthusiasm and also to stick a little bug in their … Continue reading

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When it rains, it pours.

In my topsy turvy world of late, I often roam through the employment world like a grizzled old wanderer through a post-apocalyptic world.  With but my wits and only a few rations left, I stumble on, looking for the next … Continue reading

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Tick. Tock.

I decided to come up for a little air tonight.  Sometimes, despite the need for urgency, one has to write a few things down for posterity. As I chronicled before, I was going to go “underground”, and really go to … Continue reading

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